The information below is intended as a guide to help you navigate the San Diego County CA CCW process. We do our utmost to ensure we are giving correct information, however processes and procedures do change from time to time. If you find anything is incorrect or have any questions about the process please drop us an email and we will be happy to help you and update site accordingly. We look forward to training with you.

Application Process

In San Diego County CCW permits are issued by the SD County Sheriff's Department. Your first step is to visit their website SDCSD. Read the whole page including the FAQ at the bottom.

Next you should consider your Good Cause Statement. Simply stating Self Defense or Personal Protection will not suffice. Visit SDCGO (San Diego County Gun Owners)website for examples of good cause statements and how to write one.

Once you have prepared your Good Cause statement go back to the SDCSD website and enter the Permitium system. Read through all the instructions as you will need to assemble your documentation for uploading.

Once you have all your documentation ready use Permitium to apply and pay initial fees for your permit and schedule an appointment with Sheriff's Department for interview. Print out your application to take with you to the interview. Once your application has been processed and you are approved you will recieve an approval email from the Sheriff's Department with a GP Number. You have 30 days from date of approval to complete your state mandated training. 

Mandatory Training

California requires all initial CCW applicants to complete a minimum of 8 hours of training with an approved instructor. You may take your training prior to getting your approval but the qualification shoot must be done within the thirty day period after you receive approval.

Training will include classroom and range Instruction. There will be a written exam and a shooting qualification 

On Completion of your training you will receive a certificate of completion. Make an appointment with the Sheriff's Department to finalize your CCW.You will need your completion certificate and balance of fees due. Your permit will be issued at this time.

Renewal and Add a Gun

The renewal process and any changes to your permit such as adding a gun are handled through the Permitium System.

To Renew you are required to take a 4 hour mandatory training class with an approved instructor, which includes classroom and range instruction a written exam and a shooting qualification. Take your training, get your certificate and use permitium to apply and make renewal appointment.

To Add a gun you must take shooting qualification with an approved instructor then use permitium to make appointment for permit to be amended.

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