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PISTOL I    $60

Perfect beginner class for new shooters. 
Learn gun safety, grip, stance and fundamentals of shooting. Includes practice time in the shooting simulator.


Learn Pistol Parts and Operation, Safe Gun handling, Ammunition, Storage and Maintenance followed by a live fire range session.

PISTOL III Home Defense $100

This one on one all range class introduces you to basic defensive  pistol skills necessary to defend yourself and family in your own home. With different drills each class you can refine and maintain your skills.You will learn techniques that will allow you to confidently put multiple fast shots on target and confidently handle malfunctions .

PISTOL IV  Drawing From Concealment $100

In this one on one all range class you will learn how to confidently draw and fire fast accurate shots from the holster, using your skills from Pistol III.


Train the way you mean to fight. This dynamic 4 hour, all range class offers you the opportunity to train affordably once a month. Hone your Defensive Pistol Skills and learn how and when to apply them. Different drills every month. ( Class is held at Rainbow Range $75 )