Basic Pistol  $120/Person /AZ CCW

Perfect beginner class for new shooters. On completion you will have fulfilled the training requirement for an AZ non-resident CCW Permit.
Learn gun safety, parts and operation, storage and maintenance, grip, stance and fundamentals of shooting. Includes practice time on range. 
(Gun Rental and ammo available for additional fee)

Home Defense Pistol  $125/Person

 Malfunction Drills and Shooting Techniques. Learn How to quickly and effectively defend yourself from a lethal threat in your own home. Covers Rapid fire, point shooting and malfunction Drills.

Basic Holster Techniques $125/Person

Perfect class if you are considering getting a CCW or have one and have never had holster instruction. Learn how to present and engage targets quickly and safely from the holster.

CCW Skill Builder $85

Train the way you mean to fight. This dynamic 3 hour, all range class offers you the opportunity to train affordably once a month. Hone your Defensive Pistol Skills and learn how and when to apply them. Different drills every month. ( Class is held at Rainbow Range )

Home Defense Strategies and Use of Lethal Force $100

This class is a must if you plan on using any form of lethal weapon for home defense. Three hour class covers Review of Firearms Laws, use of Lethal Force, Strategies for home Defense, dealing with First Responders and the Aftermath.